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About Me

Jessica hasn’t had any media reviews yet but her mom says: “I’m proud of you whatever you do.” While her dad, after seeing one of her stand-up comedy sets, claimed “You and your friend were the two funniest in there!” So, she’s on her way with those kinds of comments.

After her many improv shows Jessica waits by the door to hear kudos like “You were really funny!”; “I totally laughed.”; and “Thanks!” With praise like that you can find Jessica performing long-form and short-form improv anywhere she can.

Born and raised in Calgary, AB, Canada Jessica knows what it is to downhill ski in the Rocky Mountains, wear her Cowboy hat and boots whenever needed, smile at everyone she passes by and say sorry just ‘cause.

Jessica graduated from Mount Royal College in 2007 with a Broadcasting Diploma. Getting hired by NewCap Radio before graduating Jessica was on two Morning Radio shows as the traffic reporter and quickly turned that into being an on-air personality. Wanting to become quicker and more spontaneous on-air Jessica went to an improv course taught by The Kinkonauts. Falling in love with the art of Improvisation Jessica has been performing with The Kinkonauts for 14 years.

Jessica had long wanted to be a stand-up comedian and finally gave it a go in 2015. She performed in open mics and was embraced by audiences and fellow comics. She competed in a Yuk Yuk’s comedy competition in 2016 becoming 1 of 9 finalists and the only woman. In late 2018 she performed her last stand-up set realizing she loved the world of acting more.

While learning and performing improv Jessica has also become a fantastic (if I do say so myself) facilitator. Using the skills, exercises and lessons of improvisation Jessica facilitates for companies, corporations and non-profits on how to better their human skills. Learning to listen, be present, being open to possibilities, and learning to be comfortable with mistakes are just a few of the skills she helps people with.

One day Jessica hopes this page will be full of awesome reviews. Until then she’s working on liking and accepting herself as she is. She hopes you’ll do it too, cause we all deserve to love ourselves.


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